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(PRWEB UK) 16 January 2015

Autonet’s charity committee was set up in 2010 and since then has raised a huge £85,000. Events organised by the charity committee have seen members of Senior Management undertake the ice bucket challenge for Douglas MacMillan and make-up selfies for cancer research!

The whole of the business has been involved in seasonal events such as Halloween fancy dress and taking part in Christmas Jumper day on the 12th December. They also held their own sporting activities to celebrate the World Cup, raising money in the process.

Ian Donaldson, managing Director of Autonet Insurance said, “We are incredibly proud of all of our dedicated staff who donated their time and money for such worthy causes. Again we smashed our £20,000 target for all the charities, each of which had a personal link for a member of our team. We encourage local groups and charities to contact us if they feel they would benefit from funding or even advice to help them with raising awareness of their charities and fundraising events. Our charity committee continues to show how passionate we are to giving something back to the local community.”

Charities that have benefitted from the staff events include Douglas McMillan, Shelter, Help for Heroes and FreeSpirits Day care. In 2014 we nominated the local charity FreeSpirits for the LV Big Heart Charity Giveaway who were gifted with a £500 donation.

Peter Lockett, Day care Manager for FreeSpirits said, “FreeSpirits would like to thank Autonet once again for their continued support and fantastic donations. We have a saying that we enhance the lives of young adults with special needs. Believe us when I say its thanks to companies and people like all at Autonet that make that statement come true. Thank you once again for your great donations and helping our dreams come true.”

Linda Hamnett, Centre Manager for Whitfield Valley said, “Altogether over the past three years since the charity initially contacted Autonet they have kindly donated £2,066.00 all of which has gone towards projects which have enriched the lives of the people of Fegg Hayes and the surrounding areas. We will be eternally grateful to Autonet for their overwhelming generosity and hope that we can continue to work in partnership bringing activity, health and learning to the community.”

The committee and members of the board are already making progress with plans for 2015 and are extremely close to hitting the £100,000 total that will exceed all expectations.

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All trucks need to be insured and the penalties for failing to do this well outweigh the cost of the insurance policy. Online Truck Insurance Quotes are easy to get and there is no excuse for not getting a policy on time.

Insurance companies accept that people are busy and it can take quite a while to arrange a policy by post and it can be inconvenient to doing it over the phone. With the option to do it online there is no need to worry about office hours. The web is available 24 hours a day so pick the time that is most convenient and fill in the application then.

Online Truck Insurance Quotes run in the same way as all other policies do. There is the need to be totally honest with everything you answer or the policy can become invalid. This will be bad enough at anytime but if it is discovered just after there has been an accident it can lead to serious trouble and also the possibility of a serious bill being raised.

The forms are usually fairly straightforward to fill in, but it will mean that there is the need to put payment details in and this will mean either giving bank account or credit card details. This is something that is done my many people on a daily basis and all reputable insurance companies will have a secure site so there should not be the fear of fraud. If unfortunately there is an accident and there needs to be a claim this can also be done on line.

The Online Truck Insurance Quotes also eliminate the cost of a phone call. This may not seem like an important factor for an individual, but a company with a great number of vehicles can find that a lot of time is spent arranging this. If it takes 15 or 20 minutes to go through the process on the phone if there are 70 or 80 vehicles involved it is a time consuming process.

While filling in the form for the Online Truck Insurance Quotes may not be for everyone as they prefer to use more traditional methods, this is the way forward. It will also be cheaper for the insurers as they do not have to have staff waiting for the phone to ring and as they often offer a free phone service this is another cost that they have to incur.

If you are looking for truck insurance, then you have chosen the right place. Pay a visit to our website and get a free quote today.

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Truth is it is certainly challenging to calculate how much or what kind of care a person might need in the future. The types of services and care assistance to get vary and are very much dependent from one individual to the other, taking into account that these needs can change over time.

Nowadays, people’s long term care needs tend to develop gradually. They basically progress from time to time which is normally directed mainly by a person’s medical requirements. There are people who might call for care assistance for a few days, weeks or months, but, there are those who entail LTC care services in a longer period of time or on an on-going basis. In fact, most of the time especially during worst case scenarios; others are required to move to care facilities like nursing homes for better supervision.

Aging individuals either with disabilities and chronic illnesses have a much improved and expanded opportunities for long-term care now. Thanks to modern facilities for home care and assistance resources, there has been a great quantity of services and a more accessible network for adult day care. With this widespread availability of assisted living, the majority of population in the US freely enjoy a more secure elderly care ahead.

However, there are still some people who remain very concern on the costs and premiums behind every LTC policy. Since various long term care policies offer diverse policy coverage starting from adult day care, assisted living facilities, facility care services, and nursing facilities, the expenditures behind these services tend to rate very high. In effect, there is a decrease in the number of people who are capable of acquiring LTCi for themselves.

The high costs of long term care have already become a serious issue for almost everyone most especially to those who earn average only. This is considered as a predicament retirees and old-aged people must confront particularly when the day comes they will need health care assistance one point in their lives. And, what’s worst is, most of the key benefits of LTCi have been misted up by unclear and perplex descriptions making the subject harder to understand.

Good thing, there are several types of LTCi policies to select from. Most known ones are indemnity and expense incurred policies. But, keep in mind that the costs of these policies vary on their coverage as well – depending on the options you choose.  Thus, to successfully determine how much and what type of care you will need, it is vital to seek, explore and discover options and further alternatives as much as possible.

One important factor to take note of is there are no policies which offer full coverage of expenses. So, it will be more helpful if you one can make time learning which among these diverse policies offer long term care benefits the most. When considering a LTC policy, determine not only how much you pay for the premiums but also how long you pay for it.

Learn more about long term care insurance and the different types of long term care policies. Get your long term care quote now.

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Health is one of the most important part of human existence.Without good health,mankind cannot achieve much success in all his endeavor.Therefore,you are advised to engage in activities that will improve your well-being.This includes,transfering your health risk to an insurer,by buying a policy.

Over the years,medicare has been in the hands of private providers.Few people who can afford it,spend fortunes for medical services.While a larger number of the population can’t access quality services.This has increased the rate of complications and death.

Unfortunately,the increase in diseases,and the economic recession globally,is threatening the existence of man.Majority families cannot meet up with their personal needs,and health challenges.

With this ever increasing cost of family responsibilities,many are exploring ways to affordable insurance.

The good news is,the reform plan of the Obama administration.Succour will finally come the way of Americans.

Part of the reform is to subsidize the cost of medicare without compromising quality of service.In the meantime, there are other affordable choices for your consideration.

These alternative options are,”The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act” popularly called COBRA.

In this option,premium are reduced by sixty-five percent and eligible individuals pay only thirty-five percent.

Under COBRA program,a person who is laid off from his job is allowed to continue on the former employer’s group health insurance plan for a period of eighteen months prior to regaining employment.This arrangement ensures that people who have lost their job remained protected.

There is also the temporary health plan.This is an indemnity plan and transitory in nature.The maximum coverage in this option is only six months with lesser procedural formalities.The unfortunate aspect of this arrangement is that it excludes preventive,routine dental and optical care.However, it’s better than not being insured.

Another alternative is the Health Savings Accounts(HSA).This covers for people who work for small employers who can’t afford to provide group insurance.In this case the employer determines how much he can contribute for his or her employee’s towards medical care.This form of arrangement is classified under the permanent cover.

There are other alternatives such as the group health insurance,state risk pool,dental discounts,and a few others.

The importance and benefits of having a cover cannot be overlooked.It’s helpful in times of emergency. Actually it’s a type of insurance where the insurer pays the medical bills of the insured person if the insured client becomes sick or has an accident and admitted in hospital.It covers a large variety of expenses like, hospital bills,medical tests bills,consultancy fees of the doctors and other expenses.

All you have to do to find a list of the companies is to do a simple search online to find the names of hundreds of such companies that are waiting to sell you a policy. Some of the names may be immediately recognizable because they are national companies.Online you have all you need.It’s as simple as that.

The good news is that,you will be exposed to variety of options and program.The choice will be left for you to make.This is where you must take care.Don’t be overwhelmed by lower cost but concentrate on getting quality cover that provides for all your need.

Are you in search of affordable and quality medicare?.Then be wise.


 Visit my recommended site:Http://healthlife4sure.com for Affordable Health Insurance  and Quality Health Products.

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Get Cheap Car Insurance Comparisons Here: http://www.ratedigest.com/cheap-car-insurance-2/

Saving A Bundle When You Shop Auto Insurance The Right Way

Auto insurance is a legal requirement for anyone who owns a car, in many states. Driving without auto insurance can result in severe legal penalties, such as fines or even, jail time. With this in mind, selecting the auto insurance that suits you can be hard. The tips in this article should be able to help you.

When your children leave home permanently, take them off your auto insurance policy. It can be hard to accept, but once your children move out, they’re adults and responsible for their own insurance. Removing them from your insurance policy will save you a significant amount of money over the course of the policy.

If you are an older driver, check with your auto insurance company about senior discounts. Statistically, drivers between the ages of 50 and 70 are among the safest on the road. If you fall into that age range, you may be able to collect on a significant discount on your car insurance.

Not every part of growing old is pain: Once you reach 50, you are entitled to a discount on your car insurance. Insurance companies are well-aware that senior drivers are, statistically, the safest on the road. Almost every insurer offers discounts for drivers between the ages of 50 and 70. If you are in this bracket, make sure you get the discount due to you.

Consider suspending coverage on a vehicle you are not actively driving to reduce your premium payments. Often, you can suspend coverage except comprehensive on a vehicle not being driven, which still provides protection should the vehicle be damaged while garaged or parked. However, check with any lienholder or your state to make sure you are adequately covered and complying with loan requirements before suspending coverage.

You should be talking to your insurance agents before you even decide on a car. This is because the insurance should influence which models of car you are looking at. Some cars have a surcharge that will increase your policy price, but others come with discounts. See which options come with a discount and then consider if these cars would suit you.

To save money on your car insurance, choose a car make and model that does not require a high insurance cost. For example, safe cars like a Honda Accord are much cheaper to insure than sports cars such as a Mustang convertible. While owning a convertible may seem more desirable at first, a Honda will cost you less.

When you are reading about the different types of car insurance, you will probably come across the idea of collision coverage and lots of words like premiums and deductibles. In order to understand this more basically, your should be covered for damage up to the official blue book value of your car according to your insurance. Damage beyond this is considered “totaled.”

As stated before in this article, auto insurance is required by many states. Those who drive without auto insurance may face legal penalties, such as fines or jail. Choosing the right auto insurance for your needs may be hard, but with help from the tips in this article, it should be much easier to make that decision.

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If you stay alive in the UK you clutch the option of selling disgraceful provisional auto cover in its place of in anticipation of the finish of time going intended for a normal annual policy. Temporary vehicle wrap strength of mind covers your vehicle future for one daylight hours or one month or about in the smallest amount age you make a decision. You be acquainted by means of how to still have it on a lithe pay as you go preliminary top; as a consequence you only pay out for what you can do with.

In attendance is era at what time you possibly will do by means of to wrap your means of transportation prospect for an extremely small coldness end to finish of time, which is at what occasion this kind of cover in information come keen on its have possession of. Accepted wisdom this way will in point of fact assist you in receipt of cheap auto insurance online.

The internet is busy of company to offers temporary policy for your auto or van. In produce are motionless companies that offer you to in passing auto cover for the cause that at hand are now considerable be adamant for it. This corporation will include prices futures for a variety of option with the intention of you are clever to by means of no trouble contrast. You perhaps will discover with the reason of your customary automobile insurer does not sell impermanent insurance for the reason that not all company carry it, except there are still bounty of extra that do.

You know how to find these and gauge up to them quickly online.But then whatever obsession is not probable and in receipt of contemptible car cover online is by no means absent of limits for you. As in attendance are a collection of drivers in this era cluster, auto Cover Company encompass in particular launching cheaper car cover to get together the damage. Thus, the modest drivers obtain a chance to put aside an amount of on the added offer small or a good contract it perhaps strength of character be.

In put together on the road to put up sure with the meaning of one search out the disgraceful automobile cover up for young drivers one has to go on sure gear in brain in the direction of get tremendously disgraceful car cover.

Author writes for free car insurance quotes online and cheap auto insurance online.

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PriSim Business Simulations video-overview of financial reporting for insurance companies. The video reviews the three financial statements that insurance companies use to report on the performance of their business:

1. Income Statement — which gives detail regarding the last period’s Revenues, Costs, and Profits.

2. Balance Sheet — which gives detail regarding what the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity are at a point in time.

3. Cash Flow Statement — which gives detail regarding where the company obtained and used cash.

PriSim works with insurance companies worldwide delivering business training courses that utilize custom, computerized business simulations.
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This map is awesome! See the Levolution event and how it changes the game. Exclusive Battlefield 4 Flood Zone footage I recorded this week in Stockholm. Flood Zone Gameplay using a variety of new weapons and gadgets.

Sponsored by EA RONKU
Battlefield 4 site: http://bit.ly/16qlvAi

http://bit.ly/HgjTOa Recorded in 1080p and rendered on an Alienware laptop, click here for more info: http://bit.ly/HgjTOa

Leave a rating and a comment, let me know your thoughts! Will have my BF4 preview up tomorrow if all goes to plan :) Thanks for watching guys! Go 1080P and put a decent headset on before you watch!

Connect with me:




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Are you planning a long vacation abroad or within your country? Splendid! Have you ever though that Travel Insurance? It is as vital as you plan your vacations. To plan your holiday trip without a Travel Insurance may be quiet unsafe and risky. In fact when you are planning to your destination, Travel Insurance must be on the top of your planning list. Travel Insurance helps you save a lot of money that may be charged on huge medical bills or unexpected expenses while traveling abroad. You never know when the misfortune strikes your door, it might strike even when you are busy enjoying your vacation, so the best way to protect yourself is by getting Travel Insurance done before hand while planning a vacation. You can at least be relieved from the financial stress if you face a major health problem which may cost you thousands of dollars abroad. Well your vacation is spoiled but you are saved from huge medical expenses, for which you may keep all your assets mortgage as the medical charges are quiet high in US or UK, or in any other tourist place for that matter. You however need to do a sensible search to get your Travel Insurance done effectively. The most popular Travel Insurance companies are Gap Year Travel Insurance or the Backpacker Travel Insurance and many more… The Backpacker or the Gap Year Insurances offer a number of amazing features like: – It is basically meant for those vacationers who love to travel and spend a longer period of time during their vacations. – This Travel Insurance covers all the risks related to the sporting activity likes scuba diving, skiing, bungee jumping etc which involves a great risk to the tourists and above all it also offers great discounts for couple bookings and charges no extra costs. – These companies offer insurance for the time period of eighteen months but however they have certain restrictions on the age of the tourist who wants to get himself insured through Travel Insurance. To get an Travel Insurance your age needs to be within the ascertained limits and if you fall beyond these limits there are other Travel Insurances that might help you out. The Holiday Insurance helps you to get a risk cover for maximum two years, this is a type of long stay insurance. You can get Travel Insurance done from other several online Travel Insurance companies that offer huge benefits like the World Nomads Travel Insurance is specifically for the adventurous travelers and covers risk like medical expenses, migration and on luggage as ipods, digital cameras etc.. Next is the Essential Travel Insurance which involves quick and easy booking process that helps you to buy the right policy. Downunder Travel Insurance provides risk cover for upto 55 years old people, Columbus Direct is quiet well-known company to offer Travel Insurance to meet all sorts of needs, Go Travel Insurance offers cheap insurances for full cover. These are a few of the several Travel Insurances that help you get a maximum cover for all sorts of risks involved during traveling. Travel Insurance must be a prerequisite before planning for any vacation destination as you never know what the future holds for you, so to enjoy your holidays tension-free it is better to get a Travel Insurance done before hand. So enjoy your vacations to the fullest with Travel Insurance.

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Getting multiple auto insurance quotes online really does not have to take you very long at all thanks to various websites that have appeared on the internet in recent years. They help to speed up the entire process and it is entirely possible to be left with a list of potential policies in only a few minutes.

Another good thing about using these specialist comparison based websites is that you are only required to answer the relevant questions the once instead of repeating it with every individual company. However it really is essential that you answer the questions as accurately as possible because they do form the basis of the various policies that you are then presented with as being suitable for your requirements.

The results that you are presented with are listed according to price which does mean it is easy to then see which ones should not even be considered due to being vastly more expensive than the majority of possibilities. The results also let you see which companies the policies are with as obviously some people prefer going with a name they know than someone who is rather well less known.

Each quote should come with a reasonable amount of information regarding the terms and conditions so this is something you must take your time with as it lets you know as to whether or not the policy is comprehensive enough for you. This is especially prevalent with the cheaper policies as this is how you find out if they are cheap because they are nowhere near extensive enough for your needs.

The different policies can often then be tailor made for you with it being possible to add in various extras such as adding in other drivers or perhaps making sure you have some legal cover should a claim have to be made. This does of course add to the cost of the premiums but at least you can then still compare the different costs from the list that is presented to you rather than calling people individually.

Not every company that provides this kind of cover appears on these websites but this should in no way put you off using them as there are still some very big names that are listed should you prefer to go with someone you have previously heard of. It is however best to keep an open mind as the different companies that do appear must conform the industry regulations so it is still safe to use those that are less well known.

You can therefore see just how easy it is to get multiple auto insurance quotes online quite quickly thanks to a series of websites that specialise in these types of policies. They undoubtedly make it a lot easier to find the right one for you but as was mentioned earlier just make sure that you read the small print in the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything.

Top tips on how to get multiple auto insurance quotes online instantly now in our guide to ins research published safety picks .

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