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Question by Mikey B: Where can I purchase a stand-alone earthquake insurance policy for a residence in the state of Virginia?
I had earthquake insurance for several years with a well known company as part of a home owners’ policy. Unfortunately, they have recently notified me that they are no longer going to cover residents of Virginia. I could change companies but, this is a hassle and I lose the discounts that I have earned over the years for not having filed a claim. Therefore I would like to find a policy that covers only earthquake damage. Thank you for your help with this matter. It is greatly appreciated.

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Answer by mbrcatz17
Well, ANY property carrier should be able to do it, but it’s NOT going to be as cheap as it was on your homeowners policy.

So if your current policy is through an independent agent, ask them to get you a quote on stand-alone earthquake coverage. If it’s through an Allstate, or State Farm, they likely won’t be able to help you, as you’re MOST likely looking at a surplus lines carrier.

SO. You’ll need a referral from your current agent, to an independent that will be willing to help you.

Keep in mind, this policy will PROBABLY have a minimum premium of around $ 2500, with a 5% deductible. That’s the cost to issue this type of policy. You were PROBABLY paying around $ 200 to $ 300 on your homeowners policy. There’s a HUGE price difference. You REALLY might be better off moving the homeowners policy.

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  1. If you qualify for a claims free discount with your current company, you’ll qualify for a claims free discount with other companies. As much as it is a pain to switch Homeowner’s insurer, the cost, time and hassle associated with trying to find someone who will issue a stand alone earthquake policy, let alone the cost of one if you can find someone, is far greater than switching to another insurer who will insure your home with earthquake coverage.

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